Tuesday, June 6, 2006

I Lived Alone / My Mind Was Blank

So I meant to be productive this morning, but Old Roommate Daniel and his New Spouse Maggi dropped by with their puppy in tow. She’s five pounds of adorable if I ever saw it. (The puppy.) Pictures were taken. That being done, I decided it was time to get my backlog of photos up on my Flickr account.

The dog parade was exactly what you'd expect a bunch of dogs in costumes to be like: bliss. Pure fucking bliss. I took lots of pictures, but none that I like all that much. It's hard to capture the movement of a big parade into a little camera, you know. You can see all the dog show pics here. And as a special shout-out to a reader: Bri, if you're reading this then I strongly suggest you look at this photo.

The sole standout from the dog parade pictures, I think, is this one:

And here's the best of the rest of the weekend. I can't explain exactly why this one appeals to me so much, but it does.

The best of possible weather on State Street. When it works out, it can't be beat. And then of course you have Spencer and Betsy walking a good twenty paces in front of me.

And finally, the aforementioned puppy, Penny. Don't get lost in her eyes, which at this stage of development are a good eight times bigger than any other organ in her body. In the first picture, she's chewing on the brown stuffed bunny I found and rescued from the trash. (I cleaned it.)

And then in this picture, she's licking the bunny's bottom. Yeah, she's that kind of girl, that Penny.

Be sure to see the rest of the new photos at my Flickr account.

[ I needed time to think to get the memories from my mind. ]

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  1. Awesome. Though I know that I could've come up with way better costumes than that and if myself and my cairn Jackie were there we would've stolen the show with him riding around in my bike basket with me dressed as the Wicked Witch.