Friday, January 6, 2006

Watch Out, Laszlo Panaflex

Because she was asking for it. That's why.

This is my old roommate Jill. As you can see, Jill is wet and besmeared with shaving cream and other foaming substances. Her eyes are red. Though it might appear that Jill is crying, I assure you she is laughing.

In preparation for getting a new computer, you see, I've been going through my computer and finding old images that I thought were long gone. This image was taken three years ago by another roommate — Meghan or Nate, I can't remember which now — at the climax of a quickly escalating prank war between Jill and me. I can't say what brought the fight on, and I can't say what she did that brought the fight to these levels. All I know is that Jill was fleeing from me through the house and — rather stupidly — decided to hide in the shower, where she immediately drenched and foamed until she admitted that she had lost.

College — those are some memories.


  1. Awww ... look at the big old graduate flipping through his near-ancient memories!

  2. I have a pic of my neighbor taking a dump. Not one of my prouder moments...