Sunday, October 21, 2012

Drunk Agriculture

This weekend, I was afforded the opportunity to see my hometown from the sky, and among the observations I made — “People look like ants! Ants look like nothings!” and “I have become airsick!” and “Okay, now I feel better but I am so, so sorry” — was the following sight, captured through the magic of Instagram:

No, it’s not the solitary landing strip in the middle of San Benito County ag country, though that itself was a surprise. It’s the field that looks like it was manicured in a hilariously irregular fashion. Well, that’s being kind: It looks like someone trusted an intern with the task of crafting a festive harvest-time maze. It looks like a certain know-how skipped a generation. It looks like Farmer Joe maybe is brewing moonshine in addition to more traditional agricultural products. Whatever the story, is it not strange that this would happen on the farm of someone who owns a private landing strip and would therefore have the means to see how screwy it looked?

No one has been able to offer a reasonable explanation as to why someone would plow their field in this way, so I put the question to you, creative-ish people: Why do you think this happened?

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