Friday, March 28, 2008

Footsteps of Coins

A handful of nature snapshots I took while home for Easter. In general, they're self-explanatory, but I've added notes to the last two.

mustard flowers

so much grass

spiderweb trab

house behind the hill

lamb on the hill

bluejays in the tree

pink blossoms

giant's footprint

This above picture looks to me like a giant's footprint on the hillside. It's just a grown-over mudslide, of course. It's continued to look more and more like a footprint with heavy rain.


And this photo was the best result of my attempts to photograph some white flower petals that were blowing out of the tree that overlooks the back lawn. Those white dots? Petals. It's a thing for me.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Were these taken in Hollister?

  2. Thanks. And yes, they are pictures of Hollister. I know, I know --- it's weird to me too to see Hollister look so purdy. I think I'll post some more yet.