Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Zaca Fire — Just for Laughs?

Doubtlessly, I'm not the only one who thought to snap a cell phone photo of the Megaton Thunderhead from Hell, who towered over the top of the mountains for the better part of afternoon. Scary stuff. Even if the head of this cloud monster looked like the fluffy cumulus cotton balls you might see in Hawaii, its belly was pulsing with the destructive purple energy of a wildfire. It's since sunk back down, trailing, I'm told, up into Visalia.

Here's my photodocumentation. Please excuse the dark ridge at the bottom. I believe it's my finger.

Though the Megaton Thunderhead from Hell apparently signified less of a catastrophe than one might have thought, I couldn't help be amused once again by the accidentally hilarious fusions of news text and image that popped up on a Google news search for Zaca Fire info.

Indeed, KEYT. Indeed.

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  1. I was just vacationing up in Mammoth - six hours away, mind you - and driving towards Mono Lake in the early morning, when everyone in the car sort of simultaneously noticed the heavy layer of smoke and ash drifting in the valley around us.

    We were afraid that maybe the eastern Sierras were on fire and that we should listen to the radio for evacuation announcements, but when we asked the Front Desk about it, he said it was just blowing in from "that fire down in Santa Barbara."