Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Here's to You, Canada Sue

Boss lady Heather calls me yesterday to tell me that the Flores article with my name on it was the third most read article on National Geographic's news site all year. Yay and all, but the real credit must go to an intrepid little intern whom I call Canada Sue. Of course, I'm still in the byline, so hey.
[ link: Hobbits in the Philippines ]
I'm alive and living in Santa Barbara, by the way. More when all the plugs are plugged and the boxes are un-boxed.

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  1. Sorry to be a bubble burster, but Heather got it wrong. The third most read article on the NG news site last year was the initial article about the hobbit's discovery, not our little contribution ( See? I, of course, only made this discovery after telling my ridiculously proud father, which was unfortunate. Don't feel like you need to delete this post though. I like being called intrepid. Sue