Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We Are Not Young Anymore

Hi. I have an unpleasant speaking voice, but that hasn’t stopped me from taking a single, halting step into the world of podcasts. My friend Chris and I recorded the first episode of We Are Not Young Anymore, a podcast that has us looking at movies we liked during our teens, when we legitimately were young, and seeing how they fare all these years later. The first one up? David Lynch’s Lost Highway, which recently turned twenty years old and which has fared better than I would have expected.

Embed below! The sound quality varies!

Topics discussed include how O.J. Simpson helped influence the film, how it proved prescient regarding co-star Robert Blake, how odd it is that Richard Pryor is the only person of color in the film and how fan’s of Lynch’s work can regard his treatment of Patricia Arquette in this film and of his his female characters in general.


  1. I cannot wait to get out of work and listen to this!

  2. I'm catching up with the podcast now, and I'm loving it!
    Also: you should 100% have me on as a guest to discuss batshit 80s kids movies, especially Return to Oz.