Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Even Stranger Yet

I promise that I won’t just be posting artificially destroyed footage on a constant basis, but after yesterday’s post went up, I realized that I could (and should) make good on my desire to realize Stranger Things in the style of a long-forgotten VHS tape.

This series, which I stayed up late to finish last night, is just such kickback to the stuff I watched when I was a kid that I like the fantasy of it actually being from that era, rather than a period piece—that it got made thirty years ago and had been sitting in a closet all this time. I’m not going to warp all of Stranger Things, but just as a flavor taste test for what it might look like, I offer you these: the Stranger Things trailer, glitches out and distorted in the style of 1985.

Meanwhile, can we please talk about Barb?


  1. This actually makes it look a little magical, and not as every-1980s-thing-except-Neverending-Story-all-mashed-up-in-the-best-way. Does anyone NOT like Stranger Things? Not rhetorical. I am trying to ration it, and I don't want to go reading around the web and find too many spoilers, but so far I am feeling and seeing full-on adoration.

  2. Did you use a digital filter, or did you literally run this through an old VCR with bad tracking? Cool effect!