Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fifty Fun Trends for Spring 2015

Jump on at least one bandwagon!
  1. Shoes that fit weird
  2. Temporarily Jewish
  3. Ride a sheep to work
  4. Die on a wharf
  5. Tomahawks
  6. Narrate your every action
  7. Skip the coffee maker; just eat the coffee grounds!
  8. Jean Smart
  9. Gene Smart (the post-op Jean Smart!)
  10. False concern
  11. Housecats with intact testicles
  12. Feathering your pubis
  13. Regional insults
  14. Cypress trees
  15. Genuflecting
  16. Shitbagging Daenerys during Game of Thrones screenings
  17. Leering
  18. Self-racism
  19. Sneeze unapologetically
  20. Elective surgery for steel cranial plates
  21. Wasting food
  22. Talk like Sofia Vergara until your friends stage an intervention
  23. Inexplicable shaving
  24. Ranking the Koopa Kids
  25. Bubbles
  26. Constant cigars
  27. Trap doors
  28. Union suits
  29. Attendant ravens at dress-up parties
  30. American girls named Gemma
  31. Transcending the shitty birthstones you were stuck with
  32. Pedantry
  33. Zangief
  34. Whale noises
  35. That one episode of Full House where Stephanie forgets how to dance to "Motown Philly"
  36. Anti-abs
  37. Euro-mullets
  38. Smudged spectacles
  39. Power skipping
  40. "Mediterranean" gesticulations
  41. Ambiguous texts
  42. Pouting
  43. Sample scented markers to see if they taste how the smell
  44. Hats on dogs (they'll be all, "WHY AM I WEARING A HAT")
  45. Partial extremes
  46. The obvious homosexuality of Monterey Jack from Rescue Rangers
  47. Threatening messages on fogged-up bathroom mirrors
  48. The Manx Triskelion
  49. Cutting remarks directed at lesser college acquaintances
  50. Facial asymmetry


  1. speaking of #23, have you ever google image searched "monkey tail"?

    1. That search yielded far fewer actual monkey tails than I was hoping for. How bizarre.