Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cotton Candy Up in Here (or — What Tumblr Did for Me in 2014)

The past two years, I’ve posted my most popular Tumblr posts here on my big boy blog. I’m not sure why, really, aside from advertising the fact that have a little side-project running concurrently to what I have here. (It’s also updated more often, in case vintage homoeroticism is more your thing than pop culture articles and stories about my backyard.) Here, then, are my ten most popular Tumblr posts from 2014.

First, at 1464 notes as of midday on January 31, 2014, it’s a gif of raining mushrooms.

mushroom gif

Is it because of the Mario connection? Or because mushrooms look penile? Or do people on Tumblr just like mushrooms?

Second, this artwork from a video game I’ve never played (and I’m willing to bet most video gamers in the English-speaking world also haven’t played). A beautiful Japanese nightmare.

Third, the SNL “County Roses” sketch, which I posted on Tumblr just to redirect people to my blog post about how great it is.

Fourth, this J.C. Leyendecker illustration, which despite promoting Easter manages to be gayer than gay sex.

jc leyendecker gay

Fifth, keeping up the theme established by No. 4 on the list, the gayest anti-malaria P.S.A. you will ever see.

gay military PSA

Sixth, proof of a trend.

rastan homoerotic

Seventh, a screengrab I took from The Rescuers when I wondered why Madame Medusa doesn’t get a place in the pantheon of Disney big bads.

madame medusa disney villain

Eighth, me realizing that Funky Kong basically dresses like a gay stereotype — though whether a male gay stereotype or a female gay stereotype depends on what neighborhood you live in.

Ninth, the Frankstenstein character from the fighting game Darkstalkers — yet another exhibit in my exploration of homoeroticism in video games. Hey, if I don’t explore it, who will?

victor darkstalkers gay

And tenth, a gloriously Yoshitaka Amano-esque illustration of Adventure Time’s Princess Bubblegum by Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar.

princess bubblegum rebecca sugar

It’s very pink, isn’t it? In both senses, I guess. But that’s what stuck in 2014: gay shit.

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