Friday, October 10, 2014

Melanie Griffith Had a Lion

A 1971 photo essay documented Melanie Griffith’s life at home with her unusual pet: Neil, an African lion that Griffith’s family adopted from famed Satanist Anton Lavey. The pictures went viral today, and while my first reaction was to give Melanie Griffith a hug — “Oh, you never had a chance at being normal, did you?” — my second reaction was to improve upon a photo of the family maid attempting to do her job around this considerable obstacle of an animal.

You’re welcome, internet!

“Here, look at this image,” previously:

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  1. So have your seen "Roar," the movie starring her family and their lions? Because ohhhh man. It starts slow, and then the lions start fucking people up, and then there's about an hour of lions fucking people up, and it's amazing.