Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Turning My Friends Into GIFs, Part Two

Last week, I made a gif of my friend Kristen licking her finger ostentatiously. In following this up with Kristen, I told her that if it would make her feel any better, I’d also make gifs of other friends. Lo and behold, guess what came across my desk today? A video of my friend Jill (of Jill fame), terrified and shaking, skydiving — submitted by a source who chose to remain anonymous.

Here are the goods.

I should say right now that though I’ve been bungee jumping, I would never go skydiving. So laugh though we might at Jill’s bowel-rumbling terror, she’s doing something that I and many others lack the courage to do. I only possess the courage, it seems, to turn my friends’ feats into gifs in hopes that they’ll find it funny. May future generations use them on Tumblr to represent whatever dreaded thing people need to symbolize with an animated gif.

For the record, here is Jill more how we all remember her: giving a thumbs up to the world in the face of certain doom.

So... who else has a video out there?

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