Thursday, January 16, 2014

Renaissance Pantongs

Here, enjoy “Mirror Image,” the best Saturday Night Live sketch you probably haven’t seen. I think it’s great, but for whatever reason, most people follow SNL just haven’t seen it before.

It’s from a 2008 episode that Amy Adams hosted, and the thing I like most about this sketch — aside from Kristen Wiig’s ability to wink in sync with fart noises — is the fact that the show never repurposed it. Sure, that’s probably because they never again had a host who could pass as Wiig’s twin, but a solid one-off is a solid one-off, regardless of the reasoning. I’ve actually posted this sketch twice before here, but the videos always get yanked. This clip I’ve actually posted to Vimeo myself. Let’s hope it gets to hang out a while.

Things to note: Andy Samberg’s amazing reaction faces, the revelation that both Hailey and Hagley realize that their ruse is terrible and pointless, and Wiig’s delivery of the lines “Ass right I am,” “I don’t know — penguins or some junk?” and finally what could be my all-time favorite SNL line, “I had to pee so much the whole bowl overflowed.”

Sketches of note, previously:


  1. Anonymous11:44 PM

    Too bad most of the humour revolves around the fat person being stupid, unpleasant and physically repellant. Have you got a second favourite?

    1. I agree that there's a level of humor had at the expense of the fact that the fat girl is also rude and unpleasant, but I think the bulk of the humor in this sketch derives from the ludicrous idea that these two could still pass for look-alikes.

  2. Anonymous3:39 PM

    yeaaaah seems like the joke is that the scheme did work until she got fat and therefore ugly and gassy and obtuse and dumb and gross.