Saturday, September 07, 2013

Falling to Pieces Two Hundred Feet Above Burbank

To hear myself say it makes my eyes roll back so hard that they recede into my brain and then I don’t have eyes anymore, because holy high school diary, but where other people might have thought of this one window as broken, I found it beautiful. The cobweb pattern of cracks made it better than the others, at least if you ignore the danger it posed to anyone walking on the sidewalk below.

Not too many other people will see this window, I’m wagering, because it will soon be gone. What I saw was fleeting. That, I suppose, makes it even more beautiful. I would say that this could be a testament to the power of embracing your imperfections, but I can’t get past the fact that this beautiful but broken window will just be replaced with one that’s less interesting to look at.


  1. DO you know what happened to the window itself, or the events leading to you taking it's picture in that state? Is that a hole I see in the middle of the impact zone?

    And what could have pierced a window, let alone hit, located that high?

    1. No clue. It was like that when I got there, and truth be told, I actually didn't get all that close to it, because I was worried about it breaking further.