Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Name’s Bonerz — Peter Bonerz

So here is Suzanne Pleshette’s backside with the name Peter Bonerz displayed beneath.

This resulted from one of those harmonic cosmic coincidences that had me in the right place at the right time — specifically walking through my room as an episode of The Bob Newhart Show was playing when my spider sense told me that something hilarious was happening immediately nearby. I had never heard of Peter Bonerz before, though he apparently played Dr. Jerry Robinson on 142 episodes of The Bob Newhart Show, in addition to directing episodes of it. Furthermore, he has helmed episodes of many of the noteworthy sitcoms of the past forty years, from Mary Tyler Moore to Friends, and he worked as recently as 2011, when he directed two episodes of $#*! My Dad Says. And yet I was tragically aware of his existence all this time, which it too bad, because he’s done quite a lot with his life for a guy whose last name is Bonerz — not just Boner but Bonerz, with the pluralizing “z” you only see when something terrible is happening.

Peter Bonerz, I salute you. With my hand, of course.

I swear, this is better than the time that the password on Password was “vibrator” and Elizabeth Montgomery didn’t bat an eye.

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