Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Questions I Have About the Movie We’re Watching

Wait, why are they killing all those people now?

But how were we supposed to know they were bad?

Okay, so what about that one blond chick — why was she in the helicopter?

So she was lying the whole time and then she died? So we won’t find out what her deal was?

Well, if she was just going to die, why did we waste that much time on her?

Isn’t that actress the one who everybody says is a lesbian?

Okay, well, don’t you think they look exactly the same?

So I’m the only one who knows who I’m talking about?

WAIT — didn’t that guy just die?

So is he a twin or is he a clone?

But we saw the helicopter take his head off, right?

Hey, do these open credits remind anyone else of a James Bond movie?


  1. I instantly thought of this when I read the post.

    - Wait, I'm confused about the movie. So the cops knew that internal affairs were setting them up?

    - What are you talking about? There is nothing like that in there!

    - Oh, you see when I get bored I make up my own movie. I have a very short attention span.

    1. See, what inspired me what actually the seen in the Simpsons episode Colonel Homer where Homer and Marge are watching “The Stockholm Affair” and Homer keeps asking questions: “Who’s the guy?” “What did that guy say when I asked ‘Who’s that guy?’” etc.