Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Religiously Ambiguous Baseball

Everyone knows that Albert Pujols has the funniest name in professional sports for the moment. (Admit it — you assumed your instinctual pronunciation, “poo holes,” was wrong until someone admitted, “Yeah, that’s actually how he says it.”) But there’s something to be said for the head-scratcher that is San Francisco Giants centerfielder Angel Pagan.

Nate reminds me that it’s pronounced “ahn-HEL pah-GAWN,” of course. Just reading it, however, my first reaction wouldn’t be a thirty-year-old Puerto Rican guy. No, my mind goes where every other sane person’s would: chubby goth girl. And if it only it really were a chubby goth girl playing pro-level baseball, the story of Angel Pagan would be so much more interesting.

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