Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Foremost Expert on Black Women on Current NBC Sitcoms

So I have a personal Tumblr, which I use in the fashion of any idiot teenager with internet access. In short, it’s a jumble of garbage. A kinder person might say it’s a visual representation of my interests, but it’s not that. It’s just pixel vomit of this and that to the point that it won’t ever attract an enthusiastic audience, because the only person who would ever like all the content — print ads from the 60s, Charley Harper art, video games, David Lynch, The Simpsons and Italian pop from the early 80s — is me.

But that’s not to say that I haven’t achieved limited success with original content. If you will, have a look at my two most successful posts. First, at 572 notes, this side-by-side of an old Minnie Riperton album cover and a recreation of it that her daughter, Maya Rudolph, made during her recent hosting gig on Saturday Night Live.

And second, at 442 notes, this image of Donna from Parks and Recreation:

This screengrab itself isn’t as interesting as the caption, which notes that Retta, the actress who plays Donna, is the niece of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the Liberian president and one of the three winners of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. Here on this blog, the post received three comments. Note how the same content can travel further along a different channel.

Clearly, I should stick with my niche: black women who perform on NBC sitcoms and their various famous relatives. But, given that it’s NBC, I’m left with few options for future content. I mean, what? Rashida Jones and her dad? I guess. Maybe Yvette Nicole Brown? Maybe Sherri Shepherd? I did once interact with her on Twitter regarding this photo:

Nah. Definitely Rashida Jones.

(This, apparently, is how I celebrate Leap Day, which, by the way, I keep typing as Lead Pay. Bring it on, March.)

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