Thursday, January 19, 2012

Various Sons Who Are Demanding Conversation

Yes, this would have been better presented in a series of specially made Post-It notes, but you will have to make do.

We Need to Chat About Niles.

We Need to Communicate About Elmer.

We Need to Powwow About Fiorello.

We Need to Gab About Cliffonse.

We Need to Rap About Chip-Chip.

We Need to Converse About Gregward.

We Need to Dialogue About Blixton.

We Need to Palaver About Nergal.

We Need to Argue About Conrad the Wonderbird.

For the record, I would be more interested in seeing movies about numbers four, seven and ten. Also, along similar lines, more or less: A List of Lesser Lisbeth Salanders.

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