Sunday, January 01, 2012

A List of Lesser Lisbeth Salanders

Because the death of Stieg Larsson does not mean that the Millennium must end with Lisbeth Salander. For your perusal:

The Girl in the Inappropriate Yoga Attire

The Girl Who Earned an Unfortunate Nickname

The Girl Who Cried at the Laundromat

The Girl With the Labial Birthmark

The Girl With the Excessively Loud Ringtone

The Girl Who Burped Productively

The Girl With the Lusty Limp

The Girl in the Racist Novelty Cap

The Girl With the Strikingly Mismatched Nipples

The Girl Who Drowned the Crossing Guards

The Girl With the Half-Shaved Pudendum

The Girl With the Wide-Set Face

Because you ain’t nuthin’, Salander!


  1. Girl with the Labial birthmark..? Really..?

    Girl who Drowned The Crossing Guards..? Isn't she real..?

  2. Well, not to give too much of my private creative process away, but "Girl With the Labial Birthmark" was "Girl With the Labial Irregularity" up until the moment before I published the post.

    Too much?