Monday, January 09, 2012

My Still-Forming Theory About Blue Ivy Carter

I’m rather sad that Beyonce Knowles’s latest collaboration has finally dropped. Nothing against superbabies, but I much preferred referring to her as the Beyonzygote. Oh well. At least with the news that she named the little darlin’ Blue Ivy — you know, after the that invasive plant your grandmother has been telling her gardener to finally get rid of — we get rare insight into the Carter-Knowles household. Simply put, she’s B, he’s J-Z and now we have little I-V. Now the question is this: How many more letters do they need to amass before they complete one hell of a Scrabble play? If they hit the Triple Score box, the score will be staggering.

A Kill Bill-era Quentin Tarantino would approve.

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