Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just When You Thought Dean Pelton Couldn’t Get Any Weirder

What follows is a photo of actor Jim Rash playing his character from Community, Dean Pelton.

Rash is best known for his role on Community, but some people might remember him from a a short-lived Ted Danson sitcom, Help Me Help You. As every reviewer would note, the show needed help, but it was especially unfortunate for Rash that Help Me Help You aired the fall after Arrested Development got canned, because his character on this show was essentially a poorly written Tobias Funke — gay but apparently oblivious about it, in the way people tend to call “ambiguously gay” when they actually mean “gay but yet to come out and say it.” And that’s too bad, because Community has proven that Rash can waggle like a pro when’s he’s given a good script. In fact, Dean Pelton is essentially another Tobias Funke, always putting his foot in his mouth by accidentally implying that he wants a dick in it. But his jokes work, so I approve.

Rash’s talents don’t end with inappropriately touching Joel McHale, however. He also co-wrote the current George Clooney movie, The Descendants, which I haven’t yet seen though I’d like to, just to see how Dean Pelton functions while removed from Greendale and in the company of a director like Alexander Payne. But I’m more interested in Rash’s co-writer: Nat Faxon, an actor whom Rash met in the Groundlings. Faxon has appeared in a ton of funny stuff, but I only learned about him as a result of Allen Gregory, that no-so-funny Jonah Hill sitcom currently on Fox’s Sunday night animated programming block. Faxon supplies the voice for Jeremy the husband of Allen Gregory’s father. And that father character just happens to look like this:

Doesn’t this guy look more or less like Jim Rash might if rendered as a cartoon character? And isn’t it funny, then, that this character — who looks like Jim Rash but is voiced in a fairly Dean Pelton-like manner by French Stewart — is paired with a guy voiced by Rash’s actual writing partner?

I don’t know. I just thought that it made for a weird little TV show-spanning trivia confection with Community as the gooey center.

I should probably note that Rash and Faxon are only writing partners, not romantic partners. Faxon is married to a woman, though as far as gay cred goes, he was the original voice of Xandir on Drawn Together before being dropped, allegedly for playing the character too gay. And I don’t actually know whether Jim Rash is gay, either. And the fact that these two are not a couple couple makes this all seem even stranger.

And yes, I also think Dean Pelton looks a hell of a lot like Dr. Venture from The Venture Bros. Rash should totally play the role if a live action version of the show ever materializes.


  1. Aaaand suddenly I want to see The Descendants. Also, typo: Ted Denson, Ted Danson's slower cousin.

  2. Thomas Foster5:42 PM

    "always putting his foot in his mouth by accidentally implying that he wants a dick in it."

    Easily one of the greatest things ever written.

  3. Dina: Yeah, Rash's involvement made me more interested too.

    Thomas: Thanks, dude. I was pleased with that idiom-into-a-blowjob-joke slide.

  4. Last night I had a dream where Dean Pelton, dressed in a Santa suit and looking straight at me, said something along the lines of "tell all of your friends to watch Community." I think I was either watching or taking part in the Christmas episode, but that's a bit fuzzy now. Maybe Zooey's not the only one with powers?

  5. If any Tv character is going to claw into your subconscious, wouldn't it be Dean Pelton?

  6. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Are you sure he was looking "straight" at you?