Friday, December 30, 2011

How the World Ends

Not with a bang but with whimper-growling muffled by foam.

While saner minds stood guard, even. (And sorry, Africa — like, for the millionth time.)

Apocalypse notwithstanding, it was a lovely December afternoon spent on grass.

And the world, you’ll be happy to know, was placed out-of-reach, on a shelf, where it belongs.


  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Reminds me of a science fiction short story I once read, where some kid found a blue and green ball and, for some odd reason, crushed it with a hammer or something. Of course, he looks up at the sky and sees the other half of Earth floating away. Obviously, gravity would prevent it from floating off into space, but given the concept of the story that doesn't matter so much.

  2. I just love the photography... super sweet dog..!

  3. Snifit: I was wondering exactly when that trope of "playing with a blue-green ball that turns out to be Earth" got its start. I've pretty much only experienced it as a throwaway joke on The Simpsons or in Men in Black.

  4. I thought he was sweet, too, back when I had ten fingers.