Monday, November 07, 2011

Leopard Tree Dream

Not to harp on Google and its Googly quirks, but it went and did away with one of my favorite features: the “share” option in Google Reader. Now, if we want to tell our friends which articles we enjoyed, we’re supposed to use Google+, and though I actually think the plus has some good bones, it’s just not happening yet. (I am on there, however. Do add me so we’re all synched up when people finally realize that the plus is empirically better than Facebook.) The beauty of Reader’s share options was that it allowed me to keep a running list of the items I thought were interesting and that I could pillage for “link dump” posts here on this blog. I haven’t done one in forever, but I’ll do one now.

Happy Monday. Stop work. Embrace procrastination. Click freely.

The 1962 home movie of a trip to Las Vegas taken by the predecessors of someone I don’t know. Stranger danger notwithstanding, I was very moved.

The best-ever episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, according to some guy with well-reasoned opinions.

Liz Lemon’s middle name, it turns out, is not Yashwali but Miervaldis. (I have dumb ears maybe?) Tina Fey explains the origin of the name.

How to give your cat a massage. (Is technically SFW, I guess.)

Full disclosure: I have never watched a complete episode of Sex and the City. I don’t intend to. But these failings didn’t deter me from enjoying this story of the remarkable, real-life, sixty-year romance that played out in the apartment next to Carrie Bradshaw’s.

Wired on the importance of mind-wandering.

One of the best kills ever in a horror movie: this ill-fated chick from La Chiesa, who catches a train in the worst possible way.

A complete history of Saturday Night Live’s Celebrity Jeopardy! parodies.

From Wikipedia, one of the stranger fads I’ve ever heard of: Hunkerin’

Alyson Hannigan, Mila Kunis, Bradley Cooper and other actors who were never supposed to have left their TV castmates in the dust.

“The repugnant, flippered embraced of this chair.”

“Punchlines from the world’s worst jokes.”

What makes slang “stick”? In a lot of cases, it’s the “ooo” sound. Seriously.

The best intersection of things British, things French and things paranormal: the Moberly-Jourdain Incident.

Judy Jetson is kind of a nympho, it turns out.

A seeing-eye dog… for a dog.

Black twin, white twin; gay twin, straight twin.

The otherworldly grace of the feather star crinoid. (Via.)

Daffy Duck — and, really, Looney Tunes in general — have never been cooler. (Via.)

“Eastern Europe’s favorite cat-and-mouse team, Worker & Parasite!” (Via.)

So... follow me on Google+, I guess?


  1. I use the Star feature for keeping links. And I'll tag some so I can sort them easier. What did you "share" them to when you used the Share feature?

  2. Just to my public Google Reader shared items page, which is apparently no longer. No one really went there, exactly, but all my shared items were visible to my Google Reader friends, the list of which I apparently can no longer access. Bummer.