Monday, November 28, 2011

The Deku Tree of Life

Sure, I live in a world where Greendale Community College may close its doors forever, but occasionally, awesomely, my interests are catered to. This piece of Legend of Zelda fan art, for example…

… is actually a nod in the direction of one of my favorite artists, Charley Harper, whose coffee table book sits right here in my apartment…

… on the loveseat, for I have no coffee table.

(Kolb Is Neat, via Fill Up Your Hearts.)


  1. Speaking of Community, have you seen the Beetlejuice gag that the writers put in there ( Little details like that make the show great.

  2. I heard that. I was pretty blown away. Little details like that do make the show great.

    They also are the kind of thoughtful little extra that would blow right over the heads of idiots, hence the show's unjustly low ratings.