Monday, October 31, 2011


So let’s trace some pop culture name associations. The Snowths are those C-string Muppets who look a hell of a lot like Birdo and who sing back up in the video for “Mah Nà Mah Nà.”

The Snowths looks a hell of a lot like Birdo, that Super Mario series dinosaur that I once, in my youth, dubbed “the cocksuckasaur,” and who today is widely known as one of the few transexual characters in video games.

And with that connection, I present this still from the Muppets movie trailer:

I’m fairly certain I’ve said enough.


  1. So lemme get this straight: when you were a kid, you associated Birdo with sucking cocks; and since Neil Patrick Harris is appearing next to some muppets who remind you of a character you associated with sucking cocks, you think it's pretty funny because he's a homosexual; and homosexual people often practise oral sex (just as heterosexual people do). In conclusion: you're kinda calling NPH a cocksucker indirectly, which is an offensive sexual slur. Just because he's gay. You know, he's a human being too.

    What the hell is wrong with you?

  2. author of this blog also a human being, whereas the characters having associations mapped/projected onto them are not.

    NPH, indisputably human as well, point taken. I'd also wager that the screencap above would have been posted regardless of the sexual orientation of the human component.

    speaking as someone who knows drew, he's an equal-opportunity slur-slinger, and always comes out swinging on the side of humor. if you don't find it amusing, that's your prerogative. but there's a fair amount of better stuff in the world to get upset about.