Sunday, July 24, 2011

Winds Broken

Earlier this week, I had decided that my Sunday word was going to be haboob, that wonderful Arabic term for a type of sandstorm that occurs in Africa, the Middle East and apparently Arizona. But then those racist idiots in Arizona made a big fuss about using one of those “over there” words that “they” use for something that happens in America, and then the New York Times ran that piece about the uproar in which the reporter basically said “Hey, let’s all laugh at these toothless yokels with their Funyuns and their Crocs and their asses so big they can’t fit into a Walmart,” and then everyone knew about the word haboob and I had no reason to use it.

But I’ll say this much: The racism of those people objecting to the words so great that they’re willing to avoid an inherently hilarious word like haboob, and that’s just sad. Come on, people. Haboob has ha and boob packed right next to each other. How could you resist?

And I’ll ask this: What do you suppose we should call them instead? Cowboy clouds? Freedom winds? America air? I’d make a joke how they might also want to rename algebra if they learned that the term also comes from Arabic, but I’d wager they probably already just call algebra “that funny math with the letters in it.”

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