Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Glittering Futuristic Skyline of 1988

I posted not too long ago that I feel tremendous nostalgia inexplicably for an old video game that I was never all that attached to. Here’s another one: a game I only played once but the mere intro to which transforms me back into a little kid.

I only played Mega Man II once or twice during my childhood. It was a rental, and, at that, I think it was my brother’s rental, so I didn’t get my hands on it all that much. Nonetheless, this one stands out in my head for one simple reason: seeing Mega Man’s hair “blowing” in the “wind” made me think I was looking at the future technology. Seriously. “They can do hair?” I still feel the same way, kinda.

To this day, I still get that opening tune stuck in my head, even if I’d only heard it a handful of times. Must be the marvel that is realistic (for its time) pixel hair.


  1. Ever seen this?

  2. I have not, though I think I may have seen this woman's soundtracks to other things, possibly.

    A thought I had just now: Why is this one building so much taller than the rest?

  3. It's the Mega Man universe's Tower of Babel.