Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prospective Names for My Pho Restaurant

In no particular order:
  • Pho-Gettable
  • Pho Play
  • Pho the Love of God
  • The Pho-Gone Conclusion
  • Pho Skin
  • Pho-nication
  • Not Pho Proft
  • Pho Q
I am also suggestion suggestions. Also, this is the spiritual sequel to this post Also also, I know how pho is technically pronounced, but I’ll wager that’s not how most Americans pronounce it. I mean, don’t you pronounce sushi with the emphasis on the first syllable?


  1. "Pho -- Get It" is mine.

  2. Pho King is always a classic.

  3. Anonymous3:30 PM

    You hopefully know this already, but Pho is pronounced with an uplifting inflection, as though you are asking a question. And it sounds like you're about to say the f-word when you say it properly.

    "What the pho?" would be a good name.

  4. There is a pho king in my neighborhood. Awww yeah.

  5. how about "Pho-Sho'"? It might help attract people from the the ebonics or people-who-use-language-incorrectly communities.

    p.s. miss you drew

  6. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Pho Pas?
    Go Pho yourself?

    Any name, as long as the slogan is 'Don't be a Pho Foe'.