Friday, April 15, 2011

Passed Over

Another in a continuing series about baffling conversations I have with old people at the grocery store.

The scene: Me, in line to check out. As I get my chance to load my items onto the conveyor belt, I make eye contact with the Strikingly Old Lady ahead of me. She’s buying just one item: a jar of gefilte fish (sweet variety).
Striking Old Lady: Are you in town for Passover? 
Me: Well, kind of. I mean, I’ll be here during Passover. 
Strikingly Old Lady: Oh, is your family celebrating Passover here?
Realizing that she thinks I’m Jewish. I wonder if I’ve dressed in a Jewish fashion, and I scan my items for something that might make this woman think I’m Jewish. Nothing. I’m buying chicken, vegetables, wine (but not Manischewitz) and a magazine (but not Heeb).
Me: Oh, no, I’m not Jewish. But I am going home for Easter next weekend.
The Strikingly Old Lady turned around and did not speak to me again.

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