Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What a Douche!

It’s with pride and sense of symbolism that I tell you that Sanam sent me the below clip. It’s definitely up my alley and, truthfully, I’d seen it before — and perhaps you have too — but I never wanted to post it on my blog because of everything about it. I mean, it meets all the characteristics of something that should interest me — Japanese, weird, overtly sexual, female-empowering (but arguably not), macabre and bizarre. But given that Sanam took the time to send it my way, I suppose it truly is my kind of thing and should therefore should be associated with me until the internet stops.

In closing, I’ll quip that this gives proactive new meaning to the insult that I’m too polite to use against anyone: frothing cunt. And then I’ll ponder why the male character doesn’t just step slowly away from the spumeload, given that its oozing toward him with the speed of a half-interested snail. But who am I to criticize vagina attacks?

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