Friday, March 04, 2011

The Short Futon

What constitutes a post today is this: a link dump — specifically Google Reader shared clips I haven't posted here since June... because I'm super busy and important! Enjoy!

Was Jesus a common name back when the big J.C. was live?

A video for Bobby Vee's "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes." Any creepiness you might be getting from that title is mitigated by the fact that this video features some of the best worst white people dancing ever recorded on film.

More reminders that you could ever need of "It's Only Pretendo," a Nintendo-themed episode of Muppet Babies.

The etymological connection between geyser and fondue.

An old one: a flash animation of four singing (and harmonizing!) horses, for some reason.

Molly Shannon on Twin Peaks.

Benedeict Cumberbatch and nine other British celebs with delightfully British names.

Marilyn Monroe's stuffing recipe, what it tells us about her and, more importantly, what it might also tell us about Joe DiMaggio.

"I can't hear you! I'm wearing my jacuzzi suit!"

Gothic horror monsters made more twisted in the manner that only the Japanese are capable of.

What Space Mountain looks like with the lights on:

Drop a clanger: the best euphemism for flatulence ever.

The origin of the word copacetic.

The story of Sergeant Stubby, canine World War I hero and the only dog to be promoted to the rank of sergeant.

In Casino Royale, James Bond is the Bond Girl. Vesper Lynn is the actual Bond, and the former only becomes the latter when the latter dies.

Best name for a slime mold ever: dog vomit slime mold.

Kill Bill and its inspirations: a side-by-side comparison.

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