Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Premier Tramp of the New York Area

I’m cleaning and watching the series run of The Dana Carvey Show on Hulu. You know, like you do. It’s worth a try, if you like comedy, at least to see folks like Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrell and others before the The Daily Show made having that name seem popular. (Also a plus: Ace & Gary, pre-SNL.) But in glancing at my monitor as I walked by, I saw someone else who had appeared before making it big: Selma Blair.

She’s blonde, about 24 years old and nowhere near as hot as she looks now, but that’s her, in full-on goof mode, making a face that suggests she might be missing or lacking a chromosome, God love her. The sketch features her as one of the nixed possibles from an episode of Singled Out featuring Dana Carvey as Ted Kaczynski which OH MY GOD MOST NINETIES THING EVER I’M GRUNGE-PUKING ON MY COPY OF SO I MARRIED AN AXE MURDERER.

According to IMDb, it’s not Blair’s first role. That’s a 1995 episode of Adventures of Pete & Pete that I actually remember, even if I can’t picture her in it. In fact, it doesn’t even appear on IMDb, but I’m certain that’s her. Right?

Along similar Cruel Intensions-y lines: that time I spotted Christine Baranski in an episode of The Brady Bunch and the time I saw Swoosie Kurtz drunk at the airport.

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  1. How funny, I just watched this same episode on Hulu last night.

    This show really was great, I can remember watching it when it first aired. I guess there's just something about Carvey's humor that appeals to me because I still think it's hilarious. I laughed more watching this last night than I have at any recent episode of a comedy show I can think of.

    There were so many big names in comedy on that show who have become so much bigger than Dana Carvey; I always wonder how he feels about that. I never noticed Selma Blair, though!