Friday, December 31, 2010

Mr. Ether and Planaria

The twenty search terms that most frequently led to this site in 2010:
  1. gail simmons breasts
  2. back of the cereal box
  3. brazen bull
  4. "apparently it made sense at the time"
  5. it's a secret to everybody
  6. moesko island
  7. systemic hypoplasia
  8. pacman ghosts
  9. drew mackie
  10. rory finch
  11. le cigare volant frasier
  12. "mrs. leonard panaggio"
  13. shitter island
  14. sue laroche-van der hout
  15. puppy goo goo
  16. cyclone ranger
  17. yip yips
  18. mountbatten pink
  19. guacamole window
  20. hi i tricked the search results_tracking drew
  • This list omits a few redundancies and near-repeats, as well as one popular search term that was too foul to publish on my blog.
  • I am proud of both myself and Gail Simmons that her breasts remain so popular.
  • I am not proud that my name (no. nine) is barely more searched-for than an obscure Veronica Mars reference (no. ten). However, it makes me happy that people still care about Veronica Mars. An aside: Rory Finch. Rory B. Bellows. Connection?
  • No. twelve is the name of a fictional hamster.
  • Who knew people cared that much about a throwaway joke from Spaced (no. nineteen)?
  • Whatever parties are responsible for no. twenty: you are clever. How did you do that?


  1. We never did figure out the mystery of Rory Finch, did we? Ah, well... there's always 2011!
    Happy New Year!

  2. I thought about sending a message using the search results, and I know you check yours every month. I did a Google image search that would produce an image from your site, then chose "Copy Link Location" and pasted it into the address bar. Before hitting enter, I swapped out the search term inside it with the message.

    It came back with a Google error page, so I didn't think it worked at the time. How did it become one of the twenty most frequently-used, though? I swear I was the only person who knew about this (since it's not the sort of thing people want to hear about).

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