Monday, November 15, 2010

Eva Robin’s Infamous Thing (Or, The Possessive Androgyne)

So I’m planning a movie night — a double feature of noted WTF-fest Hausu and the similarly weird (but not especially similar) Tenebrae. The former is Japanese and the latter Italian, so I’m tempted to title the night The (Partial) Axis of Horror. Anyway, tonight I ended up on the Wikipedia page for Tenebrae, and though it’s my favorite Dario Argento movie, I still learned something: An actress who plays a minor but important role is (a) biologically male and (b) named Eva Robin’s. With the apostrophe.

Robin’s [no grammatical object supplied]

According to her Wikipedia page:
Contrary to conflicting mentions, Eva currently does spell her last name with an apostrophe in it. She took her nom de plume from a character in Italy’s Diabolik comics, Eva Kant, and writer Harold Robbins. She later saw the name Robbins spelled as Robin’s and decided to take on that particular spelling.
So very strange, and yet apparently true.

Given that Robin’s is male and never underwent sexual reassignment surgery, I feel like having a name that’s constantly in the possessive case but that also lacks a noun leaves the door open to a lot of verbal monkey business. BYO grammatical object? Although with all this focus on the fact that she has her original equipment, I think there’s only one possible noun that we can, ahem, stick into the end.

The trailers, by the way, for Hausu and Tenebrae:

Neither is particularly safe for work, but they are even less so if your office is opposed to over-the-top 70s horror, too-red movie blood and the occasional boob — for artistic purposes, of course.

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