Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Pandora Spocks

They found my blog. They left. Google failed them. (A long-overdue round-up.)
(This site is the number two hit. The first? The link to Google Docs. Go figure.)
(Like swear words? Like hilarious body parts? Like kitchen utensils? We will never know.)
(At last, a Googler my blog could make happy.)
(Sir, you are no longer allowed to have sweetener packets in the office.)
(Interesting question. I have no idea, and I have never written about this on my blog. Anybody know?)
nikki and richard cereal
(Worst cereal ever.)
(Insert your own verb, I guess.)
(I caught you using the internet to do your work for you, local TV news producer.)

1 comment:

  1. That thing about the character being removed from the cereal box sounds familiar, but I can't remember the details at all. Lucky from Lucky Charms sounds like a good candidate, but I could easily be wrong about that.