Monday, September 20, 2010

Mongra the Ape Woman

I’m not TV pretty. I’m not sure I’m even TV ugly. However, regardless of my looks or my lack of TV stardom, I feel I could pull off a better magazine cover that Real Housewives of New York participant Teresa “No Forehead” Giudice did on the current In Touch Weekly.

Not to knock an entire family, but HOLY CHRIST. This was the best picture they could get? My first reaction was an out-loud “Gah!” as I stood in line in the grocery store. And my second was a mental association with Tod Browning’s Freaks and the “Gooble gobble / Gooble gobble / One of us! / One of us!” scene. I’m honestly not sure if the lead photo editor at In Touch Weekly has a bigger grudge against the Giudices or Drew Mackie, as this image will no doubt flash through my mind when I’m lying in bed tonight.


  1. Jill A9:24 AM

    Wow, just wow. I'm so happy you brought this into my life

  2. YIKES! Those look like circus folks - like they shaved 4 of those wolf boys and tried to pass them off as human. Chilling - positively bone chilling.