Monday, September 20, 2010

Lindsay Lohan, Emma Stone and the Maiden-Jailbird-Crone Cycle

A quick thought: Has the strangeness struck anyone else that in the very week while Lindsay Lohan is facing an actual jail sentence, the delay of her Linda Lovelace movie and possibly the lowest point of her career so far, a very Lindsay Lohan-esque actress is receiving wide acclaim for her performance in a very Mean Girls-esque movie?

 I speak, of course, of Emma Stone, she of Superbad and Zombieland fame. Her new high school movie Easy A has garnered enough positive notice that I think I may actually go see it — and I haven’t seen a teen-centered movie in theaters since Mean Girls. (Hey, Sanam — remember?) But in all the praise being heaped on Stone — a pretty girl who doesn’t fit the high school queen bee stereotype, who has red hair, who is not a stick figure and whose roles so far have had her playing the smart, attractive girl rather than the dumb, attractive girl — no one I’ve read has mentioned that she would seem to be the second coming of Lindsay Lohan. Perhaps that’s because critics want to like Stone and can’t think of a way to compare her to Lohan without making it sound like an insult. But, for the record, the Mean Girls-era Lohan had promise — a glint of intelligence and comic timing that made many of us think she’d move on to big things. Remember that first episode of Saturday Night Live she hosted? Gold, I tell you — gold.

Curiously, both Lohan and Stone are being reported as hosting SNL this new season, behind such big names as Amy Poehler, Jane Lynch, Bryan Craston and Jon Hamm. What better way to decide who gets to be Hollywood’s go-to smart-sexy redheaded ingĂ©nue other than dueling SNLs? (Aside, of course, from a coliseum battle to the death. If this option gets chosen, can I suggest that Lohan be given the poison-tipped sword, to compensate for intoxication and resulting delayed motor responses?)

EDIT: If this subject actually interests you, may I suggest that you read a lengthier, related essay that I wrote for my new job?


  1. I guess SNL made the connection as well, because Emma Stone ended up playing a rather bizarre interpretation of Lindsay Lohan when she hosted. Maybe if Lohan hosts she'll get to play a version of Emma Stone?