Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Most Perplexing Riddle About Spaghetti

Links of note!

Via Dina, the saddest page on all of IMDb.

An amazing thing: Mickey Rooney on Twitter.

“Finally, some theater on the freeway!”

“Assaulted by thugs” is the new “married” and “baby dinosaur” is the new “baby.” You really must check these out.

The A.V. Club examines a very special episode of Eerie, Indiana.

Why your fashionable vintage lightbulbs make you evil and inconsiderate.

What could very well be the first “That’s what she said”-style joke on record: a young Alfred Hitchcock during a screen test for Blackmail. And it’s not “said the actress to the bishop” but “said the girl to the soldier.”

“Young Bert Cooper was a total dish, right?”

Little Orphan Annie says goodbye to the world, by becoming lost forever in the wilds of Guatemala.

“Politician in Unfortunately Named Borough Is Either Hilarious or Clueless”

The Wikipedia page for St. Olaf, Minnesota.

“Can anyone explain this Heathcliff comic?”

And, finally, the videos: First, Marina & The Diamonds, live from 1963 — and sponsored by Stella Artois, no less!

And what it labeled on YouTube as “Indian Superman” but just can’t be. Despite superficial appearances, it could not have less to do with Superman — and not just because it also features a distaff Spider-Man. Like, I watched the whole thing and waited. Nada. I can only assume whoever made this had only heard about Superman third hand from a friend who remembered it from long ago and also this was all communicated in a noisy room. Right?

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  1. I think the Save the Date magnets for getting Assaulted by Thugs is the best. "How to remember your special day."

  2. You know, because of you (I think) that IMDB link is up "4,078,266%" in popularity this week.