Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Future Is the Reward

I downloaded this song months ago and haven’t tired of it yet. It’s “Black Magic” by Magic Wands, from 2008. And I think it may be a winner.

I put it somewhere between the late Breeders and the early Pixies. Is it me, or do the lyrics recall video games on some level? Yeah, I know: everything takes me back to video games, but read the words and consider for yourself:
There is a crescent key
That locks a hole in the door
Into the pit of your heart
The future is the reward
White light, my time has come
All night, out on the run from black magic
Black magic

Give me the final piece
That holds the puzzle’s end
Of all the billions of stars
That are the dreams of your friends
How could anybody feel the same?
How could anybody feel the same?
Black magic

It is the person’s eyes
That have the answers in
Around the galaxy Mars
A new place to begin
White light, my time has come
All night, out on the run
From black magic
Admittedly, boo on “the galaxy Mars.” But still?


  1. Dunno how you figure that out, since the Breeders came later than the Pixies

  2. Yes, everyone knows that the Breeders followed the Pixies. I was referring to the fact that this song sound likes a cross between something released by Pixies later in the career and something released by the Breeders earlier in their career. Chronologically, this song was released in 2008 and therefore would have no place in the time between Pixies and Breeders.

  3. Anonymous11:04 AM

    The "billions of stars that are the dreams of your friends" line totally made me think of Super Mario RPG. Remember that weird place where you can walk up to wishing stars and learn what different characters have been wishing for?