Monday, June 21, 2010

Dr. Olestra Montezuma

A long-overdue record of the recent, noteworthy ways people have found this blog:
(The cran in cranberry, for one.)
(You know, I am not sure. I'm not a zoologist, you see.)
(Not if this is how you think search engines work.)
(I tend not to put the porny searches in these posts, so I almost excluded this one. But then I realized that that first word was not what it seemed like but instead the adjectival form of pus. The confusion, as I have noted before, makes for instant comedy.)
(Super glad you're giving your former spouses something to tell their friends about.)
(Huh. Zah. I'm seriously happy I'm not the only one who perceived this similarity.)
(Based on the way you phrased this question, this is not something you'll ever need to worry about.)
(I really hope this was about David Lynch.)
(Is that a command?)
(I think the fact that actual humans typed these terms into search engines is proof enough that not everyone is capable of philosophizing.)
And, of course, with the start of the new season of Top Chef, there has been another spike in the number of people searching for Gail Simmons in varying states of undress.

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