Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What’s New, Pussycat?

I am posting this graphically enhanced version of John Mulaney’s stand-up for the readers who know me personally. If you do, then the below video will mean something to you, particularly at the one-minute-four-second mark. Enjoy.

Did you see it? If you didn’t see it, then you don’t actually know me all that well.

John Mulaney, by the way, should seem familiar to anyone who watched the Gabourey Sidibe-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live, as Mulaney is a writer on that show and made a guest appearance on that episode’s Weekend Update.


  1. ok, for me it was at 1:06, not 1:04, so I am staring at the poster for "whats new pussycat" going, i guess i dont know drew. that was 4 hours ago. I left the youtube on pause and hit play just now and ahhhhhhhh

  2. It was 1:06 for me, too! I was staring at some chick pretending to be a waitress for a good minute or two until I read Daniel's comment.
    Did someone just jack the photo from online? Or is Mr. Spencer some big time outdoor-wear model in Asia or something?