Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Short List of Possible Names for Lost’s Man in Black

Because Allison Janney had to call him something while he was growing up. And why should one twin brother get a last name while the other doesn’t?
1. Esau (Because of the Bible. This and this alone that ’s been enough of a reason for a lot more important decisions.)

2. Cerberus (Because that’s what the Dharma folks called him.)

3. Samuel (Because that’s how the character was referred to in the casting call.)

4. Facob (Because Allison Janney really was crazy — and because twins have to have names that rhyme.)

5. Make-up (Because Allison Janney had a thing for rhymes and in turns out she really did like Jacob better.)

6. The Smoking Man (X-Files reference!)

7. Leonard Kittens (No reasoning here. I just like this name and think more people should have it.)


  1. But, did you like the episode?

  2. What I want to know is did they switch from Latin to English 1) as a translation convention for ease of viewing, 2) because the actors' Latin was so bad, or 3) were they actually speaking English?

  3. Alice: I did like the episode. And I especially liked the fact that few other shows could or have ever aired an episode like that.

    Goofy: I think the language switch was a narrative device and not actually meant to be actually "happening," so to speak. Generally, the show has been good about having characters speak other languages, with subtitles, rather than doing what many shows and movies do, which is to have non-American people speaking together in accented English, just for the sake of sparing audiences from having to read subtitles while they watch. In the context of this episode, I think having them start off with Latin was their way of clarifying that these two women as well as everyone on the island weren't actually speaking English. But doing the whole episode in Latin would have ultimately been a hindrance, especially with it being spoken clumsily.

    What I like to think about is whether the Mother --- and later Jacob as well --- are so multilingual or if they just get to magically communicate with anyone regardless of their native language. Remember when Sun and Jin remarked on Jacob's purportedly flawless Korean and their wedding?