Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wakka Wakka... What the?

From the LG logo to Pac-Man with two simple modifications:

The above logo has been in use ever since this South Korea-based company shortened its name from Lucky Goldstar in 1995. Though the Lucky comes from the company’s original name, Lak-Hui Chemical Industrial Corporation, I still want to say that Lucky Goldstar is some Engrish attempt at making a brand name that would create positive associations with English-speakers — as in, like, Lucky Goldstar A+ No. 1 Homerun. Plus Pac-Man.

(Sources: Wikipedia, the “cloudbush” thread)

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  1. Anonymous4:00 AM

    I just saw this last night because a friend of mine had sent me a pic of the ungrateful Toad flipping the bird, which I had previously seen on this blog of yours, which I looked up to see if that's where I had seen it, which had a link to a Gamefaqs thread, which is where I saw this last night, and my guess is that's where you found it, too.

  2. The thread I got this from is not on GameFAQs but NeoGAF. It's linked above as the "cloudbush" thread.