Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Do You Call a Mongoose in a Bikini?

Links of note!

Polyglot Vegetarian gives us more information that we ever thought possible about the pineapple and the history of its name in various languages.

The incredible but true story of the child vampire hunters of Scotland. (Via.)

Some cool photos of early 80s Las Vegas.

Blog find: To e, Michael Crowe's collection of YouTube screen grabs. More engaging that you might think. (Via.)

I don't actually care about the mid-80s manga series Mai the Psychic Girl, but some of the colorized panels in this post make for some damn fine pop art.

Just in time for Good Friday: the pietà redone with Mario and Princess Peach.

Six ways in which the final season of Lost is reminiscent of the final season of Buffy.

From Sketchy Bunnies: "Remember in Alien when the little mouth comes out of the big mouth?"

Fun new word: anarthrous, meaning "occurring without an article" — the, a, or an. (Via.)

Seriously, Japan? You even managed to make a good-natured dog disturbing.

Yo Momma So Fat jokes from bible camp.

The New York Times had to correct a few things in Fess Parker's obituary. (Via.)

The clapper woman from the set of Inglourious Basterds is kind of nuts and kind of wonderful.

Japanese culture blog Pink Tentacle is doing some pretty awesome posts on the urban legends of Japan. Check out one on the allegedly disappearing Eromanga Island, phantom trains and
the humanoid sea creatures of the Antarctic.

Conversations about how Edward VII's sex chair could work.

Seven rejected Berenstain Bears titles.

Zelda goes Old Testament:

The amazing bouncing pebble toad.
The question: "Where is Bea?" The answer: She is forever in our hearts now.

Before he got Lost, good ol' Ben Linus appeared in a prison guard training video.

Via Scrubbles: "Escalation," a strange and very un-Disney animated short from one-time Disney animator Ward Kimball.

If you want, follow my Google Reader shared clips here.

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