Monday, March 22, 2010

Tartine Grammarstein

Search terms that have recently led people to this blog.
(What have you got to do that you're so busy, person Googling about cryptid sea monsters?)
(Like, all of them?)
(Good fucking question.)
(No idea if this person actually wanted to find this, but I do actually have a post about Monty Python, a fatally funny joke and The Ring.)
(Hello. You do not actually have to put the name of the search engine you use in the search terms. Little advice there. But a curious note: People actually seem to be using Bing — mostly to find images, yes but still. Weird, no? They might as well be using Alta Vista.)
(Normally, I skip over the porny-sounding search terms for these posts. For the above one, I made an exception.)
(The border?)
(Yes. When you think about it, it really explains a lot about the final season of Growing Pains.)
(Besides the color?)
(Why, yes, we've got that.)

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