Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mozukusu in the Mosque

Links of note!

A diary from the mid-1800s reveals surprising real-life links to William Faulkner novels such as Go Down, Moses, Absalom, Absalom! and more. Pretty damn awesome.

Proof that redheads are insensitive.

Total blog find: Tada's Revolution, a magical, miniature world populated by crocheted animals. If you don't like it, you hate all things good.

A headline: "Dog Eats Diamond Worth $20,000."

Photodocumentation of a tour of a rather nicely decorated Santa Barbara home.

Wikipedia's list of alternative names for the British.

Two words: pet capybara.

All fifty-seven varieties of Heinz-brand bottles goop
. Among them: Heinz Plum Pudding, Heinz Peanut Butter, Heinz Mock Turtle Soup and Heinz India Relish, which I would guess is chutney back before Americans knew what that word meant.

Debunking the myth of Lady Jane Grey.

From the blog Sociological Images, a pretty kickass video titled "The Smurfette Principle," which traces the strange way gender was presented in American-produced, 80s-era cartoons:

Pedigree dogs shot at one thousand frames per second:

And a collection of every one of Alfred Hitchcock's cameos in his films:

If you want, follow my Google Reader shared clips here.

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