Thursday, March 18, 2010

He’s the Fastest Thing Alive! (But She’s Not)

There’s a post up on Destructoid about something-or-other happening in the new Sonic the Hedgehog game, a throwback to the beautiful, two-dimensional platformer gaming that made the character a big hit. But ignore that and focus on the image that Destructoid chose to pair with this article:


I don’t know where it came from, I don’t know if Sonic is helping or attacking the poor wheelchair-bound girl, and I’m not sure if it relates to the upcoming game in any way. But I have to say I find something about this image hilarious. Maybe it’s her shocked expression and his apparent desire to spring up and away from the two-wheeled terror as she sails on toward Creamsicle sunset tomorrows. Yeah, that’s probably it.


  1. I though I would provide context:

    Another ridiculous picture featuring another main character:

  2. I'd pin it on him seemingly having no acknowledgement of there being a person in that chair. The whole structure is just a riding apparatus.

  3. Sonic's quite a sweet guy in Sonic X (the Japanese anime). He's giving the wheelchair-bound and kinda lonely ten(?)-year-old Helen a special trip out, row-boating (a big thing for a guy who hates water) out to an island she and her parents used to visit before the accident or whatever that put her in the wheelchair, if I recall correctly. But the government is trying to track down Sonic for something or other (an award ceremony, I think?) and sends out helicopters that won't leave them alone. So half the episode is the two of them evading the government people looking for them so they can just have a peaceful afternoon on the island.

    It's been like five years since I've seen it and I don't think I ever saw it in English, but that's the gist anyway.

    Yeah, I don't quite get it either.

    Sure as hell doesn't have anything to do with the new game. I have to wonder if they used the picture just for a laugh.