Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Gordon McFarquor

They Googled it and they ended up here.
(False. If you make fun of smart people, you risk them making fun of you back. Therefore, making fun of stupid people is a safer bet.)
(By Googling this term in this grammatically incorrect fashion, the girl responsible is setting the cause of women's rights back in two ways. How fun for her.)
(Would this not be exactly like the regular mermaid, just without the seashell bra? Shouldn't this person just be Googling tips on drawing breasts?)
(I honestly wish this term had led somewhere that explained how to do this. I'd like to see this happen.)
(She was bitten by a haunted pogo stick. Doy.)
(Because Leonardo DiCaprio needed a chance to show off how well he can emote.)
(Aside from being awesome? I have a theory.)
(Long and complicated.)
(Best name for an echidna ever.)
(They apparently left!!!)
(Huge influx of search hits for something along these lines. No idea why. No idea what the sudden interest in Anne Baxter's boobs could stem from.)
(This is so fucked up. Also, this must have happened on that Sigourney Weaver episode I didn't see.)
(The only hit! On the whole internet!)


  1. There's a goddess on a cereal box? It would make the most sense for it to be Ceres/Demeter, but I've never seen such a box. In fact, I can't think offhand of any female cereal mascot, although there probably are some.

    catchy cereal names having to do with presidency


  2. As far as women on cereal boxes go, I can only think of female athletes who have made the Wheaties box.