Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Iron Abacus

This blog, and how they found it.
The first Google hit is my own blog post on Gérard Depardieu in Mon père, ce héros and My Father the Hero as well as on Penelope Cruz in Abre los ojos and Vanilla Sky. The second Google hit pointed was a message board discussion that pointed out some more examples. So there's that.
I'm glad someone finally said it.
I have no idea who Amy Koopa is, but hey — if she found love I won't hold it against her.
It happened!
No. Never.
Seems like it's just odd, but correct the typo and add a space and it becomes a window into someone's intimate life.


  1. But Iggy and Amy have the same last name! Are they related?

    In fairness, I get the impression that "Koopa" is a tribe name rather than a surname as we know it. Bowser is sometimes referred to as "King of the Koopa," after all.

  2. Yeah, I feel that way too.

    I also feel like there's no such character named Amy Koopa outside of some Mario-crazed person's fanfics.